Vanessa Ramirez

Vanessa Ramirez is a graphic designer by day and a sculptor of monsters the rest of the time. A self-taught artist, Vanessa is known for her endearingly expressive creations that look like they come alive at night.

Her first solo show “Monsters Are People Too” is currently on view at Stranger Factory through April 1. Featuring an array of monsters doing everyday things, this show features some of her best work to date. All of her available pieces can be viewed and purchased online.

Vanessa has shown her work in numerous group exhibitions at Stranger Factory, Leanna Lin’s Wonderland, and Archimedes Gallery and at conventions like DesignerCon and WonderCon.

Her style is immediately recognizable but she is never content to do the same thing over again. If you’ve been following her artwork for a while, you’ll agree that it has been exciting to see her artwork evolve over the years.

Follow Vanessa on Instagram and Twitter to see what she’s working on next. Her portfolio and resume are available on her website.

Here’s a short video of her solo show – shot and edited by Orbital Ox.