Olivia Lin

Olivia Lin is the owner, maker, and teacher behind Atiliay, a paper goods company based in Irvine, California. Specializing in hand lettered greeting cards, Atiliay pairs each item with a non-profit organization that receives a portion of proceeds with every purchase.

The organizations Atiliay supports work in relieving hunger, fighting poverty, and helping our furry friends. All items, including this cute Galentine’s Day card, are available in Atiliay’s Etsy Shop.

Olivia started teaching in-person workshops last year and currently offers 2 brush lettering workshops for beginners. Part 1 covers the basics to provide a good foundation and part 2 covers bounce lettering and flourishing for beginners. With each workshop, she provides everything that is needed including tools, workbook, worksheet, and paper. Each student helps to provide 10 meals for babies and toddlers at The Ebongalethu Educare Center in Motherwell, South Africa, a school that Atiliay sponsors.

In addition to Cerritos, Orange, and Long Beach, Olivia will hold workshops in Costa Mesa, Corona, Downtown LA, Laguna Beach, San Gabriel, and Vista. She adds, “A dream of mine is to be able to teach in another state one day in the near future I hope!”

Olivia shares that teaching has enriched her business in many ways. “I have truly enjoyed meeting and connecting with people who have similar interests and am honored they have allowed me to share this fun art form with them. Some students have kept in touch and sent me photos of their work which is so rewarding and I have definitely made some new friends as well!”

For more information about Olivia’s upcoming workshops, visit atiliay.com/workshops. Click on the specific class for more details and to reserve your seat. Private workshops are also available.

Julie Shah

Julie Shah is a 3D props and environment modeler based in Los Angeles. She realized her love of 3D modeling while she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Animation at Cal State University, Northridge. After graduation, she decided to work on her 3D modeling portfolio to break into the animation and video game industry.

Julie won a few classes online through competitions, including DeviantArts “Train Your Brain” 3D Modeling contest where her Art Nouveau building won third place.

Since then, she has worked with several independent clients on a freelance basis. She is currently the lead 3D modeler on a team of developers working on an indie video game, “The Eighth Day.”

Her most recent project is the Sylvanas Windrunner Statue from World Of Warcraft for Blizzard Entertainment’s Blizzcon event this year. She says, “I was fortunate to be able to work on a number of parts for her including her arms, quiver and accessories along with 3D printing her parts in-house.” She is also working on a few secret projects that she can’t disclose at the moment.

Julie hones her 3d modeling skills with various personal projects. She is currently working on the Pirate Robot 3D model based on concept art by Cory Loftis, a Disney visual development artist.

Her strengths include 3D modeling, texturing, UV mapping and retopologizing in a number of different programs such as Maya, 3ds Max, Zbrush, and Substance Painter. If you’re looking to hire a talented 3d modeler, check out Julie’s links below and hire her!

Portfolio- www.julieshah.weebly.com
LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/julieshah5/
Instagram- juliesart
Twitter- https://twitter.com/juliesart5
Gmail: julie.shah.5@gmail.com

Colony Little

Colony Little is a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of Culture Shock Art, a site dedicated to contemporary art and the synergies between art, music and design that shape Los Angeles. She started Culture Shock Art in 2010 as a creative outlet from her career in the insurance industry. She loved the street art she saw every day while driving through Echo Park on the way to work, and she started to document some of the artwork she saw.

Since then, Culture Shock Art has evolved to amplify the artists of color who often get left out of the dialogue on contemporary art. Colony covers the art world from an outsider’s perspective with a goal of making contemporary art relatable and accessible. “Art writers tend to be academic, peppering their writing with tons of art speak,” she says. “I try to relate what I see in museums and galleries to something closer to home like pop culture or a historical reference. My goal is to chip away at some of the artificial barriers of exclusivity the art world loves to cultivate.”

Inclusion has always been important to her, and Colony’s “Artist a Day Challenge” during Black History Month exemplifies this. What started as a personal writing challenge has evolved into an exciting look at established and upcoming black artists whose stories are often overlooked. She says, “One of my mentors encouraged me to re-visit some of the posts from 2017 to turn into a long form essay on black art co-ops in the 1960’s. As a concept, I love the idea of creative collectives where artists, musicians, designers and writers come together to support one another’s work.  We need more of them now!”

Colony is currently on a career sabbatical and has been using this time to build upon her art writing portfolio. As her leave winds down, she will continue to write and keep Culture Shock Art going. Connect with Colony on Twitter and Instagram, and read more of her art writing below.